Adaptive Cruise Control assists your Volvo in maintaining a predefined speed or time interval in respect to the car in front of you. This system detects slower moving cars in front of you using a camera and a radar sensor and automatically changes your Volvo's speed. When you are no longer behind the car, you will return to your predetermined speed. To use the function, you must be traveling at speeds of at least 9 mph, your seatbelt must be secured, and the doors must be closed.

Using Adaptive Cruise Control

To use Adaptive Cruise Control, follow these steps:

  • To put it in standby mode, press the ACC button in the center of the keypad on the left side of the steering wheel.
  • Using the arrow keys, navigate to ACC.
  • To change the speed, press the "+" or "-" buttons.
  • A quick push adjusts the speed by 5 mph increments, whereas a lengthy press increases the speed increment to 1 mph.

To change between Adaptive Cruise Control and conventional Cruise Control, scroll on the Sensus screen to reveal the Vehicle Functions panel and hit the Cruise Control button. Please keep in mind that Manual Cruise Control is only operational at speeds greater than 20mph.

Using Pilot Assist with Adaptive Cruise Control

Volvo Pilot Assist is the latest generation of adaptive cruise control technology that will make minor steering adjustments to assist keep you and your Volvo focused in the lane. Pilot Assist steering help is active from a standstill up to 80 mph and can work in both stop-and-go traffic and on the highway. Volvo Pilot Assist may help decrease tension and tiredness behind the wheel by assisting with braking, acceleration, and now steering.

Pilot Assist functions in tandem with the Adaptive Cruise Control system. The standard Volvo Adaptive Cruise Control system scans the road ahead with a camera and radar sensor and automatically adjusts your speed in relation to the car in front of you. Pilot Assist expands on this technology by offering steering assistance to help maintain your Volvo in its lane. Pilot Help, now in its second iteration, no longer requires a car to follow in order for the steering assist to operate.

Important Things to Note

This system is intended to be used as an additional driving aid. It is not meant to take the place of the driver's attention and judgment. Adaptive Cruise Control is not capable of handling all driving circumstances, including traffic, weather, and road conditions. The Adaptive Cruise Control system is not a collision avoidance system! It is incapable of detecting humans, animals, bicycles, or motorbikes. As the driver, you are always in charge of braking the car.

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