A Volvo hybrid car comes with several different modes. The drive mode selected modifies the car's driving characteristics to assist driving in difficult conditions and improve the driving experience. You will need to choose the drive mode that is most appropriate for your current driving conditions. Read on to find out how to start and drive a Volvo hybrid car.

Hybrid Mode

When you start the car, it will be in Hybrid mode. The control system makes use of both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor to compute ideal performance, fuel economy, and comfort.

The car also detects if the driving circumstances necessitate all-wheel drive and, if so, engages it automatically. Regardless of the level of charge of the battery, all-wheel drive and electric supplementary power are always accessible.

Pure Mode

The Pure mode operates the automobile using an electric motor, consuming as little energy as possible and emitting as little carbon dioxide as feasible. When the hybrid battery is at an energy level that is high enough, this option is accessible. If the battery's energy level gets too low, the internal combustion engine will also start in Pure mode. The driving mode is designed specifically for urban traffic and optimized for optimum range with electric propulsion.

Off Road Mode

This mode increases the traction of the vehicle when driving in rough terrain or on bad roads. The driving mode has a high ground clearance, light steering, all-wheel drive, and the feature for low-speed control with hill descent control is enabled. The drive mode is only possible at modest speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. The driving mode is designed to provide maximum control at low speeds in bad road conditions or rough terrain. It elevates the chassis, lowers the throttle responsiveness of the driveline, and locks the vehicle in all-wheel drive.

Constant AWD Mode

The driving mode forces the vehicle to drive in all-wheel drive. The finest traction, stability, and roadholding come from an appropriate distribution of torque between the front and rear axles. Regardless of the state of charge of the battery, constant AWD driving mode is always accessible.

To drive all four wheels, both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor are activated, resulting in greater fuel consumption.

Power Mode

The drive mode maximizes the combined power of the internal combustion engine and electric motor by driving both the front and back wheels. Gear changes become more rapid and distinct, and the gearbox prioritizes a gear with better traction. Steering response is faster, shock absorption is more difficult, and a lower ground clearance means that the body follows the pavement when cornering to prevent roll.

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