Are you wondering about how to set tire pressure for your Volvo vehicle? Read on to learn more about the recalibration process to do it properly.

Setting Tire Pressure for Volvo Vehicles

Tire pressure reference values must be adjusted appropriately for the tire pressure monitoring system to work properly. This must be done every time the tires or tire pressure are changed.

When traveling at high speed (above 100 mph) or with a heavy load, for example, you should adjust the tire pressure to the Volvo-recommended settings. After that, the system should be recalibrated by following these steps:

  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Inflate the tire to the proper inflation pressure; recommended pressures for factory-mounted tires are shown on the tire pressure placard on the driver's side B pillar.
  • Begin the engine.
  • In App view, launch the Car Status app.
  • Tap TPMS.
  • It should be noted that during calibrating, the vehicle must remain stationary.
  • Calibrate should be selected.
  • Tap OK to ensure that the tire pressure has been checked and adjusted in all four tires.
  • Continue to drive the automobile until the calibration is complete.
  • Calibration is performed while the vehicle is traveling at a speed greater than 22 mph.
  • If the car's ignition is turned off before calibration is finished, the tires in the central display will change color from gray to green at the next start-up, even if calibration is not finished. To guarantee that the calibration is carried out accurately, repeat the calibration and enable it to finish within the same operational cycle.
  • When the system has gathered enough data to identify low tire pressure, the color of the tire symbols in the central display will shift from gray to green. Further than that, the system will not offer any other indication that calibration has been completed.
  • If the calibration fails to start, the message Storing pressure failed occurs. Please try again.

Important Things to Note

Always remember to recalibrate the tire pressure after changing the wheels or correcting the tire inflation pressure according to the tire pressure placard or tire inflation pressure chart.

If the proper reference values are not specified, the system will not be able to properly provide low tire pressure notifications.

To reach the calibration button and begin the calibration procedure, the vehicle must stay stationary with the engine running.

Carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless but extremely toxic, is present in exhaust gases. As a result, always carry out the calibration operation outside or in a workplace equipped with exhaust gas evacuation equipment.

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