There are some situations that cause issues for Volvo drivers more than any others. These include engine overheating and flat tires. Engine overheating is one of the most common automotive problems around, but also one of the most preventable. One reason why your engine can overheat is due to a malfunctioning radiator. Your Volvo's cooling system helps to keep the engine running well. Without a working cooling fan, the system will not perform effectively. Knowing how to solve such automotive issues will allow you to provide your Volvo with the right care. Read on to learn about how to know if your Volvo radiator has malfunctioned.

Your Vehicle Is Overheating

If your vehicle constantly overheats under normal driving conditions, it is one of the most common signs that your radiator is malfunctioning or failing. The radiator is the main part that keeps the system cool. However, overheating doesn't mean that the radiator has failed. The solution could be as easy as replacing the coolant. Or it could be another issue.

Your Vehicle Is Leaking Coolant

If you see coolant collecting under the vehicle when it is parked, there is a leak. A coolant leak is a definitely sign of something gone wrong. Whether it is a problem with the radiator or in the engine block, this leak has to be fixed as soon as possible. A pressure test is needed to determine the source of the leak. Do contact a professional if you need help with this.

Sludge Build Up In The Radiator

Coolant should be bright green, yellow or red. If the coolant becomes discolored at any time, such as having a rusty color, this means there is contamination in your radiator. Contaminants will significantly affect your radiator's performance. Many issues can cause your engine coolant to discolor and you should check the system right away.

Low Coolant Levels

If you are always adding coolant to your radiator or the "low coolant" indicator on your vehicle is always on, you most likely have a leak. If you have to replenish coolant all the time, bring your vehicle to a mechanic for an immediate diagnosis.

Electrical Issues

Another possible cause of a radiator malfunction is electrical problems. The cooling system relies on electrical impulses, which cannot be communicated effectively when there are failing electrical parts.

Sensor Failure

Your Volvo has a cooling system that relies on the temperature sensor to determine if a cool-down is needed. The sensor will start the fan motion to cool the engine before it becomes too hot. If the sensor is failing, it can trigger the cooling fan at the wrong time.

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