Many people know that driving a brand new Volvo car can be great fun for any driver. However, sometimes there are small things that can happen, such as having a flat tire. If this occurs to you, you will need to know what to do when the time comes. And if you are wondering how to change the tires for your Volvo car, this is for you. In this article, we share with you a step-by-step guide on how to change your Volvo tires.

Steps To Replace The Tires

Wheel changes always have to be performed correctly. This is so you can ensure a safe and smooth drive in your car.

Here are the steps to follow to replace the tires on your Volvo car:

  • Set up your warning triangle and switch on the hazard warning lights if you are going to be changing the tires in a trafficked location.
  • Next, apply the parking brake and engage the gear position¬†P. Engage the first gear if your car has a manual gearbox.
  • Take out the jack, wheel wrench,¬†and other tools for the wheel bolts that is fitted in the foam block.
  • Block the front and back of wheels that remain on the ground. For example, you can use large stones or heavy wooden blocks.
  • Screw the towing eye together with the wheel wrench until you reach the stop position, following the instructions.
  • Remove plastic caps from the wheel bolts using the right tool.
  • When your car is still on the ground, make use of the wheel bolt wrench or towing eye to undo the wheel bolts by half to a full by pressing downwards.
  • When you raise your car, it is important that the jack are fitted in the intended points on the underbody of the car. These triangle markings in the plastic cover show the locations of the lifting points. You will notice two jacking points on each side of the car. You can tell that there is a recess for the jack at each point.
  • Position the jack on firm, level, and non-slippery ground under the jacking point.
  • Crank up until it is properly aligned and in contact with the jacking point. Check that the head of the jack is positioned in the jacking point correctly so that the center of the head fits well into the jacking point hole. Also, make sure the base is vertically positioned below the jacking point.
  • Turn the jack such that the crank is as far from the side of the car as possible. The jack's arms should be found perpendicular to the direction of the car.
  • Raise the car high so as to allow the wheel to be removed freely. Then, remove the wheel bolts and lift the wheel off.

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