There will be a time when you need to change the brake pads on your Volvo car. When this happens, you might be wondering how to go about changing it. In this article, we share with you a step-by-step guide on how to change your Volvo brake pads.

Steps To Replace The Brake Pads

Here are the steps you can follow to replace the brake pads on your Volvo car:

  • Jack up the car and remove the wheel

Before you jack up the car, take your ratchet or breaker bar and use the 19mm socket to free the lug nuts. Once the car is jacked up, set it up on the jack stands. With the car in the air, you can remove the lug nuts completely, and take off the wheel. Now is the time to turn the steering wheel to the side of the car you are working on. This will give you space to get to the bolts of the caliper.

  • Remove the caliper guide pins and caliper

On the front of the caliper, there is a metal clip that stops the brake pad from moving about. Take a flat blade screwdriver and pry the tabs out to remove it. Next, find the caliper guide pins and remove the protective dust caps. When the caps are removed, the guide pins can be removed. You can use the 7mm Hex bit socket on the ratchet to remove the guide pins.

The caliper is now free from its bracket and it can be removed. To get the caliper off of the rotor, grab the back and the front, and pull it away from the center of the wheel. Unclip the brake hose by pulling it out if you need more freedom to hang the caliper.

  • Remove the caliper bracket and replace the rotor

The caliper bracket is the only thing that keeps the rotor on. To remove the bracket, you can use a 15mm wrench. When these are removed, the bracket will come off. With the bracket removed, you can pull off the rotor. When the old rotor is taken off, clean up the surface and put on the new rotor. 

  • Reset the caliper's piston

The piston is what the inner pad clips into. If the new pads are thicker than those being replaced, the piston needs to be pushed back in order to give the new pads the space they need. Use the compressor tool to push against the inner brake pad and compress the piston. When you have compressed the piston, take out the old inner brake pad, and replace it with the new one. 

  • Reverse steps and reinstall

Place some grease on the backs of the brake pads, where the pads are in the caliper bracket and also on the guide pins.

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